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How do I upgrade to the Pro version of SchemaFactory?

Easy. You can download and access the Pro version of SchemaFactory here: Pro Version. To activate, the Pro version of the plugin requires an API key, which will be emailed to you after a successful checkout.

What is different about the Pro version?

A lot. The Pro version of the SchemaFactory schema plugin has many additional features which are not included in the Free version. This includes items such as reviews, business description, logo, social URLs, and much more. Compare Free vs. Pro.

Should I uninstall the Free version before I install the Pro version?

Yes, we recommend it. Having both versions installed could potentially create a conflict. Uninstalling the Free version is easy, and you can view instructions on how to uninstall here. Once you have unistalled the Free version, you can view detailed installation instructions for WordPress and for Joomla.

Will my schema data be saved when I upgrade to the Pro version?

You will need to re-enter all of your information after a fresh install. But, since it’s only 3 form fields we have faith you can handle it 😉 The Free and Pro versions use different code, and each version is not compatible with one another (hint: Pro is better).

How much does the Pro version cost?

The Pro version licence is priced at only $4.99 per month, and can be canceled at any time.

I have additional questions.

We have a ton of resources available on our FAQ page, and our Support page.